Understanding And Receiving Legal Compensation

Worker rights are often a confusing thing. At its core laws exist to protect our rights, and that’s true in all of its branches. As such all workers should be able to receive proper compensation when an accident happens at work. And yet this isn’t always the case.

The issue with the law is that it’s complex and long. And as such it’s all too easy for workers to believe they aren’t eligible or for companies to muddy the topic. But compensation is a right every worker is entitled to, and as such, we’d like to explain its basics today. So more people can apply for one when they need it the most.

What is compensation?

A compensation or worker’s compensation is defined as a special form of insurance. In the case a worker is injured while they are performing their work, they are liable to get payments that act as a replacement for their wage. In short, compensation is a measure that allows workers to receive money when a work injury prevents them from performing their job.

When is someone eligible for compensation?

Now that we understand what compensation is, we need to answer when is someone eligible for it. Well in practice there’s next to no requirements beyond getting injured, but we’ll list the main four for clarity’s sake:

  • You must be an employee.
  • You must get injured at work.
  • You need to report the situation before your State’s deadline.
  • Your employer must have compensation insurance.

Like we said above the three first requirements are rather lax. As long as you are considered an employee and were injured at work you are eligible for compensation, the responsibility over the accident isn’t even relevant most of the time. The deadline requirement is most for the sake of paperwork, which leaves us with only one last item to check from the list.

Generally speaking, most if not all employers have compensation insurance. This insurance is required to operate in most fields, so there should be no issue on that aspect. Though if there’s none at play, you might need to sue instead.

How can you get your compensation?

Ideally, all workers should receive their compensation at the moment of the accident just by reporting it to the company. However many companies and businesses try to convince their workers that they aren’t eligible for made-up reasons. So if you feel your case is valid and your employer isn’t helping you, you should contact a lawyer. Compensation lawyers will be able to help you get your compensation in no time at all, and count on all the expertise needed for this kind of job. And as one last tip, for those of you in the Los Angeles area, you can go ahead and visit KentonsLawOffice.com. This Office is fully dedicated to compensation law, and their track record guarantees that you’ll get your compensation in no time at all.

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