Tips for Choosing a Certified Tax Attorney

Taking care of your tax-related matters is one sure way of avoid problems with the law. For most individuals and business owners, filing tax returns and computing it can be a headache. This is because they lack expertise and might not know what the repercussions of not doing this are. But this is where the services of a certified tax expert come in handy.

Lawyer v accountant

If you are looking for a tax expert, you are better off with an attorney who specializes in tax law. This is better than relying on someone who only has knowledge of accountancy. This is because, if you hire tax experts you can also benefit from additional services. For example, if you get yourself sued for tax fraud or any other claim that requires litigation, your tax attorney can also handle that for you.

Choosing a tax attorney is not a difficult thing to do if you know where to look. If you reside in the US, is a valuable resource. The firm is comprised of experts who specialize in tax matters, specifically IRS-related matters. Once you get in touch with them, they will schedule a meeting with you to go over your tax-related concerns and advise you accordingly.

Experience matters a lot

When looking for an attorney to help you deal with your taxes, it is advisable that you look for one who has brand experience working on IRS matters. If you can, choose one who has litigation experience too, and who also knows how to interact with IRS officials. Choose an attorney with a good track record of winning IRS cases.

Check their credentials

When choosing a tax attorney, you should opt for one who has their papers in order. The first point of reference is your state bar association. They should also be able to show you their affiliations for membership to known and reputable associations, particularly those on tax.


Just like with choosing any other service provider, you must consider a firm’s reputation before hiring an attorney from there. Because tax matters are sensitive and require confidentiality, you should choose a tax attorney who is known for upholding the highest fiduciary standards at all times. They should not be implicated in disciplinary issues or fraud.

Choosing a good tax attorney can help you comply with your legal obligations and avoid unnecessary penalties. These tips should help you find a suitable one.

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