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The professionals at this law firm understand the disappointments and annoyances attached with dealing in such litigations. They serve people who are injured, wronged, left without voice, treated unfairly or want an advocate to get them deserved compensation rightfully or fight for them in the court, on each day. Their main mission is to help passionately those who deserve. Proper care of their clients is most important for them as compared to other law firms and advocates in this region.

They try to give importance to their clients even if they have grown up as one of the leading trial and litigation firm in Los Angeles. You can call on them anytime to get answer of all the questions you have in your mind.

Fields of practice

Law Firm practices in wide range of fields of litigation including:

Auto Accidents: It includes the lawsuits for truck accidents, car accidents, bus accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents etc.

Personal Injury: It includes lawsuits for accidents on cruise ships, slip and fall accidents, brain injury, burn Injury, accidents at construction sites, dog bite injury and spinal cord injury etc.

Business Litigation: The litigation in this category may include the lawsuits of negotiation of the contracts, breach of contracts, civil litigations of complex nature and business related disputes.

Employment related cases: Injury at workplace, compensation for workers, disputes on payment of overtime, disputes on hourly wages, discrimination on the basis of race, sexual discrimination and harassment, lawsuits related to labour law and discrimination on the basis are some of the cases practiced by this law firm in this category.

Intellectual Property lawsuits: The lawsuits in this category include litigations for patent, copyright and trademark

Suits of Consumer Protection: This field of practice of this law firm includes lawsuits for lemon law, class action lawsuits, warranty of car, lawsuits for defects in the car and the cases under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act of California.

In this way, if you or any of your loved ones need an advocate to represent you in the court of law or fight for you to get the compensation you deserve in LA then Joseph Farzam Law Firm can be the right place for you to get proper legal help.

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