4 Reasons for Hiring a Family Law Firm

Legal proceedings can be draining, and one needs the proper resources, presentation, and support to get through it. When it comes to family issues, the stakes are higher since there are emotions, and close relationships involved. As such, you should always aim to find a family law firm that understands how delicate such situations can be. Lowenthal & Lowenthal work with you in navigating the journey and eliminates any obstacles that might make your case more daunting than necessary. The following situations warrant you to contact the firm for a consultation on the applicability of their services to the situation at hand:


Each partner hires a lawyer to represent their interest when it comes to the settlement plan. The attorney facilitates conversations on property, spousal and child support, child custody, visitation. The negotiations undertaken by the two lawyers aim to eliminate the need for a trial, which takes longer and costs more.

Child Custody and Support

If you wish to revisit the stipulated conditions when it comes to children, consulting a family lawyer is a great idea. Since the details are part of court orders taking the right angle from the start ensures that you get the most of a situation, and you don’t go against the law. Some of the reasons why people revisit the terms of child custody and divorce include the financial ability and physical capability of both the custodial and non-custodial parent.Paternity 

A parent wishing to get child support, or one looking to get away from the obligation are two of the main reasons for paternity cases. The former is more common. There are also situations where a parent wants to step up and see their child. Whatever the need for paternity is, there is a lot of personal things one needs to sort through to ensure they focus on legality.


There are different types of adoption and processes one needs to follow to conclude the process. In some cases, foster care is the first step. Getting a lawyer allows you to follow state laws and go through adoption with minimal hiccups during and after the process. 


Family law is broad and often deals with domestic violence, spousal abuse, child endangerment, and, at times, criminal investigations. The duty of a family law attorney is to protect the victim and ensure they end up in a safe environment.…

What to Look for in the Best Worker’s Comp Lawyer

You can hire just any attorney when you are filing a worker’s comp claim, right? You can. But, only if you expect any old result in your case. When you want the best result, don’t settle on any lawyer, but rather, the best worker’s comp specialists. The team at kentonslawoffice.com can help you handle your worker’s comp case when you’re hurt on the job. But, what makes the best worker’s comp legal team?

1) Initial Consultation

Treat your initial consultation with the law firms you visit as an interview. You want to make sure the attorneys care about your case, not just a contingency fee they’ll earn if they win your case. Ask questions. Find out what their win percentage is. Learn about the way they handle your case and how they communicate with you. The more you can glean about the law firm, the easier it will be for you to determine which firm you’ll eventually want to hire to handle your case.

2) Make sure they Specialize

Don’t hire a law firm just because they’re nice or tell you they want to handle your case. When you’re interviewing law firms, make sure they are firms specializing in worker’s comp claims. The team at kentonslawoffice.com is experienced in handling such claims and specializes in helping injured persons receive the compensation owed to them. Specialists know

  • How these cases play out
  • How long cases take
  • What is required to win a worker’s comp case
  • How to deal with the opposing party, and so forth

3) Recommendations & Reviews

Don’t overlook the power of recommendations. If you know someone who recently won a worker’s comp case, ask about the attorneys they hired. The internet is also a great ally in helping you find an attorney. Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines, are great sources to help you find the top local firm where you live. And, you can easily rule out those firms that have horrible reviews or poor customer ratings.

Make sure you like the firm. Yes, this does matter. Remember, you want to win the case, but you also want to work with an attorney/team you enjoy communicating with. Therefore, you should treat your interview or consultation as a way to learn about the firm and how you’ll work together. This will give you a solid basis as to how they’ll handle your case, communicate with you throughout, and what you can expect if you do hire them to represent you.…

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